Business Structure/Formation

The success of a business often flows from its form and intended function. When a company is not properly created, it can lead to waste of resources and potentially expensive litigation. Multiple owners of a single business entity need to fully understand the relationship into which they are entering. The failure to properly assess the relationship at the commencement of operations can lead to discord, and eventual ruin.

At Ward Law, we understand the importance of properly creating a business organization. We also understand the importance of anticipating the possibility of its dissolution. Our approach to business creation takes into consideration the plans of the owners and incorporates an analysis of the potential liabilities, with the intent to insulate the owners from personal liability. We also anticipate the potential for the need to cease operations in an amicable manner.

Whether it is the development and drafting of Articles and By-Laws, or the creation of a comprehensive operating Agreement, Ward Law has the expertise to create a successful business entity and maintain critical business documents, including minutes and books. We regularly work outside the states of Michigan and Illinois for the creation of corporate entities. We also maintain annual reports for companies and assist in compliance reporting.

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