General Corporate

Various types of legal disputes can prevent businesses from achieving their growth and profitability goals. When not litigated promptly, litigation can also be time-consuming and costly. At Ward Law, our strategic approach to litigation is based on years of business experience and an in-depth understanding of our clients’ short- and long-term goals. We understand our clients’ business objectives and assist our clients to position themselves to succeed in their industry. Our objective is always to obtain the best-possible result for our clients through the most direct means possible. We work closely with our clients to implement and execute on a strategy that focuses on successful resolution of disputes. This enables us to carefully manage the time and costs involved in lengthy litigation.

Ward Law represents corporate clients in Michigan and Illinois who are involved in a broad range of legal issues:

  • • Breach of contract claims
  • • Construction delays
  • • Construction defects litigation
  • • Real estate disputes
  • • Commercial lease disputes
  • • Deceptive trade practices
  • • Tortious interference with business relationships
  • • Theft or misappropriation of trade secrets and propriety information

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